Playing the flute is a difficult but rewarding instrument. Here are some tips if you are looking to improve or start the flute!

First Sounds: Learn about how to form an embouchure, blow into the flute, and even make your headjoint a fun slide whistle! We conclude by playing Mary Had a little lamb with just the the headjoint!

First Notes, BAG: Learn the how to finger and sound the notes B, A and G. We will play the flute with one hand on the headjoint of the flute to get better balance for a great first start! We end learning the notes B, A, G and playing Mary Had a Little Lamb!

First Articulations on flute!
So you have a great flute sound, now we need to begin the sound with a ‘ta’. This video talks about tips, and features some call and responses so that you can practice some articulations.

Refresh on how to hold the Flute:
Holding the flute correctly allows for the best possible tone and technique. After all the more free your fingers are the faster they move. In addition holding your flute incorrectly can lead to problems hands in the future.

First High Notes on the Flute!
One of the most common questions I get from new students is: “How do I get a good high note”. This video answers this question and gives exercises to help your growth as a flutist!

Harmonics for flute (all levels): This video is designed for a flutist that wants to strengthen their high register.Harmonics are over tones that add resistance, so you can learn to control your air stream better. Learn great warm up exercises as well as a fun song all using Harmonics!

Breathing for Best Flute Tone: Breathing such a basic concept. Yet such a huge topic as a wind instrument!

Optimizing your flute tone: The flute is such a beautiful instrument. Learn how to get your best tone, and explore tone colors and dynamics.

Vibrato on Flute! What is vibrato? How do we do it? How fast do we do it? All will be explored in this video!

Articulation Basics on Flute: Review basic articulations on the flute.

Need to articulate fast notes cleaner and clearer? Time to practice double tonging!

Do you always have trouble remembering how many sharps or flats are in scales? We will review the Circle of 5ths, but then we will explore my favorite trick for remembering major scales!

This tutorial explores the most basic functions of Garage Band, a free program for iPhones or macs. It allows you to ‘multi- track’, which means you can record a duet, trio, quartet, or as many parts as you can imagine! Start making music today!

Native American Flute Offerings

One of my greatest joys as a teacher is sharing this amazing instrument with others. I have been truly inspired by all of my students, but my Native American Flute groups have held a special place in my heart. They inspired me to write a collection of multi-level duets and rounds so that this instrument can be shared together more easily.

I encourage all my students, student’s parents, family and friends to try this instrument because of its wonderful meditative qualities. It is one of the more straight forward instruments to start because you can make a sound on it right away. Just blow gently to create a warm and wonderful tone! With just 5 minutes a day you can begin to see progress quickly! Like with any instrument to truly ‘master’ it will take time and dedication. This is not an ‘easy’ instrument, but it is very user friendly instrument to begin at any stage of your life!

It is with great joy, that I offer this book as a free download. My hope is that more teachers will share the instrument with their studios, and that flute circles will have another resource to use with muli-level groups!

Sharing the Native American Flute, a book for playing the Native American Flute in a group setting (duets, rounds, and instructions for starting and advancing on the instrument) is now available!

Buy a hard copy of Sharing the Native American Flute on Lulu.com

Download this book for free