Monica teaches private flute lessons to students of all ages and levels. Lessons are catered to meet every individual’s needs. Students will learn techniques to improve technique, tone, rhythm, musicality, breathe control and posture all while playing music they love! Students also have opportunities to perform in studio recitals and competitions. Lessons are available at Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek or in her Home studio in the sunset district of San Francisco.

1. Enrollment: Students will be considered for regular instruction after an initial conference/ lesson with the instructor, as well as a brief conference with at least one parent/ guardian (if under 18). 
Private lessons are valuable for those who wish to better themselves as musicians. Lessons can also teach self-discipline, multi-tasking and confidence, among other skills.

2. Lesson Scheduling: The student will meet with the instructor every week. Recommended length of lesson is as follows: Levels – Beginner 30 minutes; Intermediate 45 minutes; Advanced 60 minutes. 
NOTE: Please be on time! Tardiness is deducted from YOUR lesson time. 
3. Fees: Fees are ($45/$60/$80) per lesson (for 30 min, 45min, 60min lessons, respectively), $40 for all piano students.. Fees include private lessons, two annual recitals.  Fees are due the first week of lessons for the entire month. A reminder will be sent out a week prior via email. If you wish to pay fees quarterly or annually, please let me know and I will invoice you accordingly. In the summer you only pay for the weeks that you will be in town and can come for a lesson.

4. Payments:  Payment is due in the following manner: cash or check on the first lesson of the month for the entire month. I will send an invoice a week prior via email for your convince. If you prefer to pay for the school year, please let me know and I will invoice you accordingly.

5. Missed Lessons: I am fortunate this year to have a very full schedule. In order for me to be able to accommodate all of my students your timeslot has been reserved for you for the year. I rent space for your lesson time, ensembles, and recitals. Lessons are held every week with the exception of the following for 2 weeks in December. During the school year (September- June) students are allowed to miss one lesson for any reason without payment/make up. All additional lessons must be paid for. If you miss a lesson I will put you on a list and offer a lesson time when/if one becomes available. I will also provide an ‘lesson switch’ email list and schedule. If you can not make a time because of an event, you are encouraged to switch with another student to ensure you get your time.

5. Practice: The student should arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared, and with all the necessary materials. He/she must schedule, when at all possible, daily practice without distractions. 

Regular practice is important to the student’s overall progress. I will make recommendations for music and repairs only when necessary. Most music I recommend is available at: www.fluteworld.com.

6. Dropping Lessons: If the student or parent decides to discontinue lessons, either 4 weeks notice must be given or the equivalent payment must be made.

7.. Communication: Communication between parent and teacher is important. My preferred method of contact is email, as I check emails daily and usually get back to you the same day. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding any aspect of your child’s musical study. I especially love to receive emails from students concerning their lesson assignments and flute playing in general. Email: monicaw14@hotmail.com Phone: 415-200-6617


During the school year I will continue to offer the following.

  • Two annual recitals with opportunities for students to perform for family and friends. There is no cost to students (other than accompanist if needed)
  • Recording support. Many older students need recordings for various auditions and competitions. Younger students often like to record Christmas CDs. I record these during lessons an often edit these at home on my own time. This year recordings helped students get into Honor’s Performance at Carnegie Hal, CMEA All State Band, County Honor Band, District Honor Band, and various college pre-screenings.
  • Email support. Between lessons I am available for follow up questions, listening to home practice recordings/videos, ect. Often times we can get more accomplished by clearing up questions that may arise at home in between lessons.
  • As a member of California Music Educators Association, all flutists will be able to participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest even if they are not in a participating school music program. I will be at the event to help students with preparations. www.calmusiced.com 
  • For flutists I organize a piano accompanist for in lesson rehearsals, recitals, and performances and assessment tests. This is for parents convenience and so that I can help with the rehearsal process. Doing rehearsals this way cuts down on the amount of time needed for rehearsals and helps the student gain confidence for their performance.
  • As a founding teacher and the music representative for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program I help all interested piano and flute students prepare for the RCM exam in December and/or May.  www.musicdevelopmentprogram.org